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Our Menu 

Available for lunch & dinner

  • Current Dining times
    Monday - Thursday 
    Lunch 11.30am-3pm & Dinner 5pm-8.30pm (with snack menu in between)  

    Friday - Saturday  
    11am-3pm & Dinner 5pm-8.45pm (with snack menu in between... but sometimes the full menu! )  


  • Sunday 
    Lunch 11am - 3pm & dinner 5pm-8pm (with snack menu in between... but often 
    the full menu! )  

    Most days a SNACK MENU is available between lunch & dinner service, or sometimes the full menu! Depending on chef availability.  You are welcome to call ahead on the day to see which menu is available between services. 


  • Book now on our website.
    For reservations larger than 8, please contact the venue
    on (08) 9535 2666.

Winter Specials 

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